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The Transformation of (IBM Z) Today & The Future With Red Hat

Nov 28, 2023

  • Over the past three decades, there has been a lot of talk about  the mainframes (IBM Z) either going away or decommissioning. However, the reality presents a different picture. Current estimates suggest that there are over 10,000 mainframes in active use today, predominantly employed by some of the world’s largest corporations, including two-thirds of Fortune 500 companies and 45 of the top 50 global banks.
  • In a recent light board video titledMainframe Myths Debunked in 5 Min,” IBM Fellow Rosalind Radcliffe sheds light on intriguing facts about the mainframe (IBM Z) and its contemporary evolution. Here are some noteworthy insights from Rosalind’s presentation:

    • Telum Processor Advancements:
    • The Telum processor, featuring a built-in AL (Accelerator Logic), has revolutionized mainframe capabilities. With the Telum chip, approximately 40 Linux servers can be consolidated into a single unit, offering unprecedented efficiency.
    • Energy Efficiency and Space Optimization:
    • The latest advancements boast a remarkable 75% reduction in energy consumption and a 67% reduction in data center space, making mainframes more environmentally friendly and economically efficient.
    • Language Diversity:
    • Contrary to common misconceptions, the mainframe is not confined to traditional languages like COBOL or CICS. It accommodates a spectrum of modern languages, including Python, Java, Node, and Go.
    • Cloud Integration:
    • Mainframes are aligning with cloud trends, capable of running Red Hat OpenShift and providing a seamless “Cloud Native” pathway for businesses looking to embrace modern cloud computing approaches.

    To validate the mainframe’s presents in the market, Red Hat and the Red Hat Ansible community are actively crafting strategies and playbooks centered around the IBM Z platform. Red Hat Ansible proves instrumental in managing z/OS with key use cases including: 1) Spanning Provision and Maintenance, 2) Configuration Management, 3) Security Automation, 4) CI/CD Application Deployment, and Orchestration.

    In recognizing the transformative potential of automation, the mainframe emerges not merely as a standalone monolithic server but as a versatile “cloud-native gateway” server providing integration for hybrid cloud environments.

    At DataHub, we strongly believe that the mainframe has incredible potential to be the ultimate hybrid cloud server. If your firm has make a significant investment in mainframe (IBM Z) and and may be looking to explore innovative approaches to maximize its capabilities and unlock value, we need to talk. 

    The engineers at DataHub have comprehensive knowledge and certifications in Red Hat Ansible, positioning us to guide you through a modernization journey tailored to enhance your IBM Z systems. If you would like to set up a call, feel free to reach out to us at: [email protected].


Jim McDonough

President at DataHub