DataHub Business Challenge Offer, By Dr Mick Carroll 1/28/2017

Over the last several months, I have had the good fortune to meet and sit down with many different companies in different industries such as, Healthcare, Insurance, Banking, Education. While most of our conversations were centered around, cloud, security and infrastructure, there always seemed to be something missing or in other words “non-compelling” when we further advanced our discussions. Then it occurred to me, "What is the Business Problem we are trying to solve?" Often times, we would walk out of meetings with just a bunch of technical request and follow ups and no business problem.  As we know, all companies have business problems so how do we go about solving them? 


To address this short coming in the market, DataHub has come up with our “Business Challenge.”


During the last 9 months, DataHub has amassed a top tier Business Analytics / Problem Solving team from some of the top schools, (Stanford, Berkley, Cornell, Columbia, Villanova, Carnegie Mellon, U of Michigan, U of Chicago) We are reaching out to Business / IT leaders and asking them to give us a business challenge / requirement you are facing. The first business challenge is free. You get to leverage the DataHub team. Technologies we use will be from IBM & SAS. We are providing this service to demonstrate the value DataHub can bring forth as a strategic business partner.  


Companies who wish to participate in the Business Challenge program provide DataHub with a current business problem involving data analysis, data mining, and analytics.  Based on the parameters of the Business problem, DataHub will assign a multi-disciplinary team made up of individuals with Math, Computer Science, Statisticians backgrounds to solve the problem.


Upon completion of the challenge, the team will make a presentation of the results to executive management. All results will become the property of the participating company.  In summary, the details of the Business Challenge works are: 


1) DataHub with a real business challenge that they are facing


2) A multi-disciplinary team will be dedicated to the problem


3) Team members will be well versed in either SPSS, SAS, or Cognos to work on the  business challenge team


4) The projects are managed by IT experienced professionals


I will oversee the Business Challenge program. I have been a tenured professor, Department Chair, Dean of two different Colleges of Business, and University President. I have taught Business courses at schools such as Northwestern, DePaul, Loyola, and U of I Chicago. This is one of the most compelling models I have ever been part of. To learn more about the DataHub business challenge, please contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Dr. Mick Carroll


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