Cisco Security Certification 7/5/2016

I am excited to report that DataHub has achieved Cisco Certified Security Specialty Status. (Wow say that three times fast!) Back in January of this year, my partner Mick and I attend the unveiling of Cisco’s Security Strategy, code name “Nucleus”. Going into the conference, I had certain expectation and thoughts as to what we would get out of the conference and what we could bring back to our clients. After spending three days at the conference, I was convinced that DataHub has found their security partner which is Cisco. 


Over the last few months, we have invested parts of our sales & engineering teams to get trained and certified on Cisco security. Last week, we achieved one leg of our goal by becoming a Cisco Certified Security Specialist. In the coming months we will have extreme depth in 4 key security disciplines: 1) Next Generation Firewall 2) Intrusion Prevention Systems 3) Express Email Security 4) Web Security.


Cisco has done a great job in creating a complete end to end security solution that will enable customers to build out a custom solution that is the best fit for their needs. Their security  approach is built on a  defense continuum of Before - During - After and is threat based. Cisco has put together their offering that has deep visibility into the network layer unlike anything I have seen before. With Cisco's acquisition of SourceFire & Lancope. they have rounded out their security direction and is now considered the Number 1# security vendor in the market.


We look forward to working closely with the Cisco Security team to help DataHub bring world class security to our clients and the market place.


For more information on Cisco Security, contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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