IBM’s Total Cost of Ownership, (TCO), Calculator for WebSphere In The Cloud 6/6/2016

Having been an Accounting professor and practicing CPA for most of my professional life, I was most interested in taking IBM’s TCO WebSphere calculator for a test ride and to see for myself what is “under the hood.”  As I navigate the IT world, one thing is clear to me, most, if not all organizations will move their IT applications\operations to the cloud. As an Certified IBM Hybrid cloud partner, one of the strategic services that DataHub specializes in is assisting clients in migrating their WebSphere applications to the cloud.

But before I evaluate the tool, a few words are in order as to what it is. The calculator is a financial modeling tool that allows companies to input all their current IT costs related to their on-prem WebSphere applications. The calculator allows for a company to enter any and all assumptions and then generates a side-by-side comparison of the costs of migrating to the cloud vs. on prem. By the way, in addition to the extreme cost savings, the cloud model is faster and more secure. 

Back to the test drive. This past weekend, I spent several hours evaluating the IBM calculator click here. I was very impressed.  It is a very simple, yet powerful tool. I think what is most compelling, is that the calculator produces a side-by-side comparison of current on-prem costs of operations vs. IBM’s hybrid cloud model. Overall, I give the calculator an A-. There are a few additional functions it could do, such as taking present value into consideration, but that is easy enough to add on.

If you would be interested in DataHub providing a preliminary cost comparison of migrating WebSphere to the cloud, please let me know and I would be happy to oblige.  

Mick Carroll, PhD, MBA, CPA  

Chief Financial Engineer, DataHub

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