Cisco's Security Strategy 2/1/2016

Last week, DataHub had the good fortune to participate in Cisco’s security conference in California. There were over 90 partners from around the country that attended the event. The event was a launch of Cisco’s new security strategy named Nucleus. 


Cisco is addressing the $37 Billion market with a set of modular security solutions that will enable companies to provide a complete end to end security solution for their environment. The Nucleus Security Suite includes: Next Generation Firewall, Next Generation Intrusion Protection Solution, Cloud Delivered Security, Web Gateway, Email Gateway, and Advanced Malware Protection. All of which will be tied to Cisco’s Sourcefire solution that will allow companies to get in-depth visibility as to who, what, when, where & how someone or something got on to the network. Cisco’s Security theme is,  "you can’t protect what you can’t see". This makes perfect sense as to why they purchased Sourcefire to add to their portfolio.


Sample Screen Shot of Sourcefire




Cisco’s Nucleus offering will give Chief Security Officers the arsenal they need to provide a complete security offering that will be policy and event driven. 


DataHub personnel are in the process of becoming certified on the Nucleus Security Solution. Additionally, we are currently conducting vulnerability/visibility testing for our clients.  If you would like more information on Nucleus or if you are interested in a risk assessment of your data, we would welcome any conversation you may have around security. For more information, send us a note at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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