IBM Buys Disruptive Data Transfer Technology For Cloud & Big Data Market (Aspera) 1/10/2016

IBM Aspera


Most recently IBM acquired a revisionary data transfer technology called Aspera. This is really a disruptive technology that has great promise in the “Cloud” & “Big Data” markets.


What Is Aspera?


IBM Aspera enables organizations to move, share and synchronize large files and data sets, digital assets and media quickly and securely. These highly scalable solutions are built to handle the largest data requirements at maximum speed, regardless of data size, type, distance or network conditions.


What Makes Aspera Unique? 


IBM Aspera is built on FASP (Fast, Adaptive, Secure, Protocol) an innovative bulk data transport technology  that is intended to provide an optimal alternative to traditional TCP-based transport technologies for transferring files over public and private IP networks. It is implemented at the application layer, as an endpoint application protocol, avoiding any changes to standard networking. FASP is designed to deliver 100% bandwidth efficient transport of bulk data over any IP network – independent of network delay and packet loss – providing the ultimate high-performance next- generation approach to moving bulk data. (sorry for the technical jargon)

Who Uses Aspera?

Well for starters, Apple uses Aspera for video uploads to the iTunes store. Before they started using Aspera it sometimes took content providers 3.5 hours to upload large video files. With Aspera, the content provider reported the time for upload decreased to five minutes. Others include many Fortune 1000 firms and federal government agencies. 

What is some of the use-cases for Aspera?

Big Data Projects, Data Center Moves, Sensitive File Transfer, CAD Files, Engineering Documents.

Why did IBM Buy Aspera?

Aspera helps round out IBM’s overall cloud computing strategy. IBM is showing renewed vigor in the cloud computing market. Earlier in 2013 the company acquired SoftLayer and also it announced a partnership with 21Vianet, a hosting company to provide “enterprise” workloads to customers in China.

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