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Advanced Problem Solving

If you think problem solvers are hard to find, look no further, DataHub is your “go to team” to help you solve some of your most complexed business problems. So what makes us so good? Two things: 1) Human Capital. We have some of the best minds coming out of the best schools that are joining the DataHub team. Backgrounds include Math, Data Science, Stats, Computer Science. Masters & PhD levels.  2) Best tools. Since DataHub is closely tied with IBM, we have access to their analytics portfolio to showcase and use for clients. 

So what kind of problems can we solve?

We have customers asking us to perform anything from fraud & abuse problems to providing algorithms to perform more accurate forecasting. Below is a list of some common problems we can help solve:




Below Are Some Sample Screen Shots Of Our Dashboards






 So how do we engage with our clients? 

 It starts with a well-defined business problem. Once the business problem is defined, we then will need access to the client's data. Of course, security will be on everyone mind, DataHub can address this with both encryption and data masking. All data will reside in the IBM cloud which is: HIPPA, HITRUST, PCI, SAS 70, FedRAMP, CSA, CJIS compliant.

To learn more as to how DataHub can help solve your complex business problem, reach out to us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.






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