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IBM’s recently revamped Multi-Vendor Support Service (MVS) allows companies to take advantage of IBM’s Support Experts for not only IBM hardware and software but also other manufacures like HP, Cisco, Del/EMC, VMware, Microsoft ECT. Their service also includes Open Source solutions such as RedHat, SUSE, Ubuntu, etc. The IBM difference is their integrated and proactive approach to diagnosing errors and delivering corrections remotely utilizing IBM Watson. Armed with predictive analysis tools and a vast knowledge base, IBM service agents can resolve problems faster and more accurately the first time and help prevent problems from escalating as a result. How big is IBM as a service delivery partner? Take a look at the figure below.



IBM's Support Offering "By The Numbers"








IBM’s Value Proposition


  • Improved Service: Branch employees have “one throat to choke” and can spend more time focusing on clients while IBM has End-To-End, priority-tiered SLA accountability 
  • Reduced Cost: By simplifying operations, achieving scale across technologies, applying analytics, and automating/bundling service calls IBM will reduce the total cost of ownership 
  • Decreased Liability: IBM takes-on responsibilities from both its clients and vendors to reduce hand-offs; where IBM is responsible, IBM is liable, within a reasonable liability limit
  • Less Fraud: IBM analytics and security solutions can be applied to financial and non-financial transactions to identify fraudulent activity and alert the IBM command center and client SOC to take action
  • Strengthened Security: IBM can work with our client’s SOCs to provide penetration testing, processes and tooling across the application development and production lifecycle
  • As-A-Service: Clients want As-A-Service solutions to avoid capital spend, which is something IBM delivers across technology brands as a monthly charge under stated SLAs
  • Innovation: OEMs innovate their specific products; IBM is a service provider using innovation to improve the branch customer experience, across technologies and channels

Most recently, IBM has signed up Walgreens as a key client. Other clients include: CitiBank, Wells Fargo,  The Gap as well as numerous midsize firms trying to cut cost. For more information on IBM's MVS support services please reach out to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..




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