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In today’s environment, businesses are adapting to volatility and uncertainty as a way of life. With the economic outlook and ever-widening range of threats continuing to test even the strongest organizations, companies must understand and utilize their data more than ever. Companies are facing a variety of challenges as they strive to find growth and stay competitive. To help solve these issues, DataHub has amassed a top tier Business Analytics / Problem Solving team from schools such as Stanford, U of Chicago, U of Michigan, Cornell, Columbia and Carnegie Mellon. Our focus is to solve your business problems! We will be using solutions from IBM, SAS & Datameer to provide indepth analysis and direction to give our clients the insights they need. The first business problem is on us! No charge to the client. It is our way to demonstrate value.


Sample Outcomes from the business challenge may answer:


  • What's really happening accross every step in the customer journey?
  • How do they behave?
  • How and when is it best to reach them?
  • Which offers are driving customer retention?
  • What are the top campaigns across all channels?  
  • What combinations of campaigns convert leads to customer?

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