The landscape for retail has changed dramaticly. Consumers reward retailers who get to know them intimately and deliver on every interaction. Delivering a smarter shopping experience means you can:

  • Create a single view of each customer - including preferences, propensities, transaction history and social media interactions - and use advanced analytics to derive actionable insights
  • Target individual customers with timely, relevant and personalized offers delivered via their preferred channels
  • Enable customers to research, buy, track, receive and return purchases wherever, whenever and however they please

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Putting customer intimacy at the heart of your retail operation results in greater marketing effectiveness, increased sales, loyalty and customer satisfaction. DataHub can help you better understand complex, overlapping variables like consumer trends, demographics, seasonality and vendor limitations. With smarter merchandising and a more agile supply network, you can successfully match customers to offers and deliver merchandise with greater efficiency, transparency and accountability.


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